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Do you know what curfew is?

Nowadays, we live in challenging times in Brazil due to the increase of deaths resulted from the new coronavirus cases. Scientists are trying to help develop more safe vaccines, effective medicines to prevent and treat the COVID-19 and its variants.

The Brazilian government (São Paulo) needs to gain time to apply vaccines to as many people as possible and reduce disease transmission. For this reason, measures were adopted, such as the holiday anticipation and the curfew hours, for reducing the time people spend on the streets.

Curfew is a requirement, rule, or law that sets a time, generally in the evening, that people must be at home. In Brazil, the curfew started on March 22nd., people have to be off the streets from 8 PM to 5 AM. The goal is to contain the advancement of COVID cases that are increasing even with masks.

A measure can also be adopted such, as curfews for decreasing violence. It happened last year when a despicable crime occurred when a Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, and the violence wave spread out across the U.S. – Black Lives Matter. B.L.M. movement demanded justice for minorities and protested against brutality and violence. Since many protests occurred in L.A, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, they adopted curfews in these cities.

As I mentioned before, São Paulo - Brazil adopted curfew and other measures. The world is committed to winning the fight against COVID-19.

God bless us!

E.G.L March 28th.,2021

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Thank you for the article. One more word for my knowledge.

Erly Lobo
Erly Lobo
05 avr. 2021
En réponse à

I'm really delighted to know that you're improving your vocabulary!

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