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Gun violence - 45-mass shootings in a month in the US. Should Brazil release the gun's possession?

Atualizado: 21 de abr. de 2021

To think about this issue.

Do you think Brazil should release the possession of guns?

What'll happen in Brazil if gun ownership is allowed?

What has been happened in the US?

Lately, America has been hurt and shocked. Americans say, "It doesn't happen anywhere else."

According to VP Harris, they've had more tragedy than they can bear.

This week (April 15th.), another mass shooting occurred at FedEx in Indianapolis (Indiana), eight people died, and several others were wounded.

This month 45-mass shootings occurred in the US. Find below some other cities where the gun violence occurred:

- Pensacola in Florida, April 15th.

- Washington DC, April 15th.

- Baltimore, April 13th.

- Chicago, April 12th.

- Wichita, Kansas April 11th.

- Seattle, April 11th.

- Memphis, Tennessee, April 10th.

- Koshkonong, Missouri April 10th.

- Waterbury, Connecticut April 10th.

- Allendale, Michigan April 10th.

And so on.

Last year 147 mass shootings occurred in the US.

They need to stop the violence, just a name of a few public places where violence arose, grocery stores, office parks, schools, FedEx facility.

The world is suffering from the deaths caused by the pandemic and should contain the mass shooting.

Some questions have raised:

- What's happening with humans?

- Did people lose the sense of sanity?

- Does the gun legislation in the US need to be changed?

- Has gun culture become part of people's political identity?

- Must the United States Congress (Capitol Hill) act?

- Should the NRA (National Rifle Association) change the rules for US gun control?

According to psychiatrists, Americans are getting more aggressive with mass gun violence. One fact is the pandemic that makes people nervous and ends up expressing anger and hostility in public.

Let's follow the subsequent measures and see what Congress will decide for reducing the mass shooting in the US.

God bring peace to the world!

E.G.L April 21st.,2021.

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