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OSCAR - THE 93rd ACADEMY AWARDS - April 25th., 2021

This year's Oscar delivery was different. The ceremony occurred at Union Station in Los Angeles and Dolby Theater at the Hollywood -Highland Center, with a small number of people obeying the distance between the tables of Oscar competitors.

The Oscar opening was thrilling with Steve Wonder's song in Memorium to those famous and collaborators who lost their lives because of the Covid pandemic.

The Oscar seemed a low mood ceremony because of the context of the pandemic that the world is experiencing. Instead of this, it was a ceremony to celebrate life and inclusion.

Actress Rita Morena, who won an Oscar earlier, presented the candidates for best films.

Some films that competed were:

- The Father featured Anthony Hopkins

This film talks about dementia, and Anthony agreed to play this role to confess that he came to fear dementia at 83.

- Judas and The Black Messiah featured Daniel Kaluuya

The film deals with a very recent subject, police violence against blacks. It shows a betrayal suffered by Daniel Kaluuya, making an analogy with the violence suffered by George Floyd in the United States.

- Mank featured Amanda Seyfried

Mank was the film that received the most Oscar nominations, made in black and white, set in three decades, the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

- Minari featured Yuh-Jung Youn

South Korean film shows the search for happiness as the American dream.

- Nomadland highlighting Frances McDormand

The film portrays modern nomads. Frances herself is a nomad who left her home and went to live in a van. The film has a beautiful photograph.

- Promising Young Woman highlighting Carey Mulligan

It is the script of a predatory woman who wants revenge on men who harm women.

- Sound of Metal featuring Riz Ahmed

It tells the story of a drummer who suddenly loses his hearing.

- The Trial of Chicago -7 featuring Sacha Baron Cohen

The film shows activists who are arrested and tried by the federal government.

The Oscar for best film went to Nomadland, which had Chloé Zhao as its director, and Frances Mc Dormand. Frances thanked the entire nomadic community and people who participated with the message of resilience and inclusion.

Frances invited Chloé to direct the film. This film reflects behavior in the United States, the story of people who live with the essentials and create temporary ties with people where they stop, mainly where they look for jobs.

In this film, the actress uses her objects, such as a bottle of coffee and a green chair. Frances, who is a nomad, entered deeply

in the universe of nomads, not a professional actress who played herself.

All these difficult moments that we live in are reflected in the nominated films and their inclusion, resilience, and gratitude messages.

E.G.L April 27th.,2021.

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