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Who was Philip? A lesson taught "It is always possible to change and improve."

The Prince's death marked the end of the British crown's most enduring marriage alongside Queen Elizabeth II. Philip brought the monarchy closer to his subjects and fulfilled its institutional role over seven decades.

Ninety-nine chimes of the church bell reminded Prince Philip of his age filled the silence of a people accustomed to him.

Half-mast flags across the country signal an emptiness left by the Prince as if Elizabeth II had lost a half, seventy-three years of marriage.

They got married at Westminster Abbey, and before the ceremony, Philip gave up his cigarette to please Elizabeth. He renounced Greek citizenship to become a British citizen, left the Greek Orthodox Church to become an Anglican, and gave up all Greek titles to win the British.

He was always known as the Queen's husband, even he was also called the Duke of Edinburgh. The title comes from the Latin dukes, that is, the one that leads.

Philip led British royalty to modernization towards the ordinary people. The Prince convinced the crown to broadcast their wedding, two thousand people watched in the abbey, and tens of thousands endured the cold outside.

The TV broadcast royal wedding's enormous success has become a tradition for the UK, Charles & Diana, Willian & Kate, Harry & Meghan. All of these ceremonies have increased the popularity of royalty. The archbishop who held the last royal wedding said that Philip thought it is always possible to change and improve.

The archbishop who performed the wedding asked the couple for patience, sympathy, and tolerance, but the two did not follow this advice right away. After seven years that they were married, Elizabeth spotted throwing a shoe at her husband, and it ended up doing it in front of the press that covered the visit to Australia. The Queen had said, "I am sorry for the little slip, but everyone knows that this happens at any marriage."

When they take a golden wedding, Elizabeth held a public tribute to her husband: "Philip does not accept praise easily, but he has been my strength and my guide all these years. My whole family and I owe him a greater debt".

Philip helped to transform a woman who complained that her face hurt because she needed to smile. The Prince laughed. His speeches and phrases represented the comic relief in the events taken by protocols.

Philip took to the royal family doses of good humor, even sometimes jokes that passed the point.

The Queen's husband had a classic phrase "It is with great pleasure that I declare this thing inaugurated whatever that is."

Sometimes the little joke became a little prejudiced. On the other hand, it showed a more human side outside the protocol. Philip was charismatic.

The romance took place a year after the second war. Elizabeth and Phillip were third cousins. After he got married, he continued as a prince because the British monarchy only allows an heir to be king. This rule does not apply to a woman of a monarch who can be called Queen. According to protocol, Phillip had to walk two steps behind the Queen.

Philip was an enthusiast of new technologies, new industrial productions, advancement of science.

The Duke published four books. He looked at the future environment, technology, and animal life even said that he wanted to be a deadly virus to solve overpopulation. It's ironic now.

The pandemic forced the couple to be locked in the castle.

In February, he spent four weeks in the hospital undergoing treatment for an infection and cardiac procedure and returned home fragile.

Last Friday, the majesty announced that the Prince has passed away. Prince Philip's funeral to be held at Windsor castle.

Some English think it may be the end of an era, but most of them say, "Elizabeth II is not alone. Her subjects still support her".

Prince Philip

Born: June 10th., 1921 - Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece.

Died: April 9th., 2021 - Windsor Castle, Windsor, United Kingdom.

Royal Funeral – April 17th .,2021.

E.G.L April 12th.,2021.

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