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How was your Easter?

Last Sunday, we celebrated Easter. Even though Easter is a religious holiday, it also has a non-religion aspect. From the spiritual point of Easter Sunday commemorates Christ's resurrection three days after his death. The other side is related to the spring that begins in some parts of the world. After the winter, the plants and flowers start to appear, and spring begins.

Moreover, it's the beginning of new life, and birds return to build their nests. Thus, people say that it is a moment of renovation.

Furthermore, animals such as bunnies symbolize new life, and chocolate Easter eggs represent the new life. Easter eggs are also called Paschal eggs in Central and Eastern Europe.

This year the Easter was different. The world is facing a hard time with the Covid. Most people didn't celebrate either exchange Easter chocolate eggs because they lost loved ones due to the pandemic.

Besides, many people are unemployed, so no money for buying Easter chocolate eggs. Each person had to stay in their own home to avoid the spread of the illness; in other words, each rabbit in its den.

Since Easter represents Christ's resurrection, Pope Francis prayed in the Vatican, and he also prayed for those who risk their lives while fighting for the pandemic's end.

We hope you all had a good Easter Sunday, and we expect better days!

E.G.L April 5th.,2021.

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